The issue of voter suppression has exploded during the past month or so because of some flagrant suppression efforts in Georgia where the Republican candidate Brian Kemp, now the Secretary of State, but running for higher office, has put more than 53,000 voter registration applications in limbo. As Ari Berman says in his article How Voter Suppression Could Swing the Midterms in Sunday’s New York Times (2018-10-27), a number of states are placing obstacles in the way of would-be voters at a time when many states are experiencing new voter registrations at an all-time high.

Here’s a discouraging quote for us living in Texas:

“Nowhere have hopes for high Democratic turnout collided with the reality of suppressive voting laws more than in Texas.”

And this:

“Texas has the most restrictive voter registration law in the country . . .”

Berman’s article, though fairly short, is full of insightful facts about how one “One man, one vote,” is far more an ideal we have to continue to fight for, than a reality we already possess.