“…a gutsy, realistic, truly top notch thriller and Lindsey’s Haydon has depth, sensitivity, and intelligence. Lindsey (has a) powerful and vivid style. Spiral is very, very good indeed.
Library Journal

“…Lindsey has never written with more brutal grace. He gets better every time he types a fresh paragraph.”
The New York Daily News

“…the best of Lindsey’s novels. Lindsey’s strengths as a novelist continue to develop. He is an outstanding stylist, a master of the small, perfect scene.”
The Dallas Morning News

“This is a hard-hitting expose…Lindsey has again written a vital novel...”
Publishers Weekly

“Powerful stuff.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“This fourth novel by David Lindsey demonstrates he is in the first rank of mystery writers working today. An appearance of any book by David Lindsey should be an automatic signal to buy.”
Houston Chronicle

“…the best of Lindsey’s novels to date. (He) writes extremely well…has a firm grasp of language and an understanding of the demands of plot development… readers in the not too distant future will be putting Lindsey’s name into the ‘masters of the genre’ category.
Baltimore Morning Sun

“…Lindsey is a superb narrator, a storyteller with a flair for dramatic confrontation…tense and entertaining.”
St. Louis Post Dispatch

“…an extraordinarily tense plot…this is powerful stuff.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Lindsey is quickly becoming a master at the police procedural.
Houston Post

“Some critics do not grant the status of a bona fide “novel” to the standard thriller, but the suspicion grows that David Lindsey, like the great Raymond Chandler, is capable of both, separately or simultaneously.”
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“…Lindsey’s best book yet. The uncompromising realities, the fast pace, the plot twists his readers have come to expect are all there.”
Ft. Worth News-Tribune

Lindsey is in the All-Star class. His sense of place and his ability to convey the atmosphere feel of Houston is rare indeed…(he) is a writer who makes a city and its people as vivid as a Van Gogh painting.”
News-Press (Savannah, GA)