Below are two infographics from a September, 2019 PEW Research Center poll that shows how Americans feel about citizen inequality in the U.S.



Majorities of Republicans and Democrats who say reducing inequality should be a top priority also point to inequality giving the wealthy too much political influence and access and being harmful to economic growth as major reasons why they think reducing inequality should be a priority.

So, if our Senators and Representatives in Congress truly represent “we, the people”, then why is so little being done to address the views reflected in the above poll figures? Do our Congressional “servants” serve us . . . or not? If not, then cui bono? Who does benefit from their actions? If not us, then who? Watch and read the news with a discerning eye. Be aware of what bills are passed in Congress. Perhaps more importantly, be aware of what bills are being held up in the Senate and are NOT being passed? Why aren’t they being passed? What does that answer tell us?