“…a strong, suspenseful meditation on the elusive nature of evil…beautifully written and echoing with deep moral resonance: Graham Greene would be proud.
Kirkus Reviews

“…one of those rare thrillers that entertains, educates, and breaks the heart.
The Chicago Tribune

“…a vibrant setting for the cat-and-mouse games totalitarian despots play.–
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Gets off to a quick start and rarely lets up… In Lindsey’s expert prose, beautiful Guatemala assumes the menace, the complex mystery and the tension of John le Carre’s postwar Berlin… A masterly addition to the shelf of international intrigue novels.
Washington Post

“…a provocative message… This is a thinking man’s thriller.
Entertainment Weekly

“This is a classy, beautifully written detective story…(with) a terrible beauty and power. READ THIS BOOK!
Cosmopolitan Magazine

Lindsey’s best yet…smooth, elegant prose…I could not put the book down.”
Dallas Morning News

“…a rarity among thrillers: It’s both lyrical and literate.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Lindsey writes vividly…his characters are not only emotionally complex, but also convincing. (Lindsey) has found a theme worthy of literature, the corruption of the human soul by power and greed.
Houston Chronicle

“David Lindsey…presents both a gripping suspense story and a morality tale in one novel. The writing is superior and vivid…a literate thriller that will stay in your mind.
Express News (San Antonio)

“…at times jarring and captivating, filled with deep introspective prose. This is not a book to be read fast. It should be savored like fine wine…exceptional writing…eloquent.
Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)

“David Lindsey combines elegant literary style with an intensely suspenseful plot… His descriptive powers are impressive…his characters are complex and strong…Lindsey grips the mind and imagination, and the emotional soul of the reader as well. This book is strong stuff…Lindsey is a powerful writer…with a redeeming respect for literate writing.
The Baton Rouge Advocate

“With each of his thrillers…Lindsey adds new luster to the detective novel. His stories quickly burst through the genre’s customary confines, and evolve stunningly into highly literate, penetrating studies of people under incredible stress…a stylist of elegance.
Buffalo News

“…a heart-pounding thriller...the breakneck tale is told with a gritty accuracy of place.”
Christian Science Monitor

“Lindsey has crafted another first-rate suspense thriller.
Copley News Service

“…highly readable action…an enormous political exposé. It’s as much literature as thriller.
The Florida Times-Union

“(Lindsey) is a writer in command of the genre…”
Austin Chronicle

“…a gripping mystery, intricately plotted. Lindsey writes in a literate style…that invites the reader to think about what happens between characters.”
Fort Worth Star Telegram

“Body of Truth” is David Lindsey at his suspense.
Houston Post