“One of the most stunning suspense novels of the year, so offbeat that it will mesmerize readers who never ordinarily read ‘mysteries’ at all. David Lindsey’s special skill lies not only in the intensity of the steadily mounting horror...but in the rich characterizations of his people. Not until we are well into this spellbinding novel do we begin to get a glimmer of the mind at work behind it all.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A solid, literate thriller with one extra grabber: the murderer’s truly creepy modus operandi. This is absorbing, grisly yet tasteful crime-fiction–with leanly vivid Houston atmosphere, persuasive detailing, and a subtly ghoulish mood throughout.
Kirkus Reviews

Terrific … one of the scariest novels I have ever read…this book is begging to be filmed.”
The Washington Post

“…absolutely riveting…this book is more than a good read…a real stunner.
Houston Chronicle

“…one of the most chilling suspense novels of the year…makes Houston look like the ninth circle of hell.
Penthouse Magazine

“…a superior novel of grim realism.”
Atlanta Constitution

“Lindsey is a writer, a real novelist who happens to be working in the suspense field, and he knows exactly how to keep the pressure on, the tension building, in a grisly story rich in characterization, insight and description.”
Chicago Tribune (Sunday)

“…a smashing success…which leaves us with philosophical and moral questions.”
Dallas Morning News

Not since Raymond Chandler has a mystery writer used the atmosphere of a city so effectively…truly one of those rare, impossible-to-put-down books.”
Ft. Worth News Tribune

“…an engrossing study in human evil. Lindsey uses his unique talents brilliantly…a superior police-procedural thriller…solid, entertaining, provocative storytelling…”
Sun News (Deland, FL)

“…brilliant descriptions…a masterpiece of the suspense genre.”
The News Tribune (Woodbridge, NJ)

“…masterfully told story…David Lindsey belongs in the top ranks of today’s suspense writers.”
Mystery News

This is one of the most stunning suspense novels of the year. It’s simply astonishingtop notch…a solid novel.”
Sunday News (Manchester, NH)

“…Lindsey has arrived as a major new talent in the thriller field.”
Richmond Times-Dispatch

“…candidate for everybody’s ‘best’ list…Lindsey scores big with…a sophisticated police procedural juiced up with the high voltage of a great suspense plot…highly original...Lindsey’s control over his own gifts (is) absolute and brilliant.”
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

“…moves so smoothly it defies you to put it down…(Lindsey) is a first-class writer...a mere synopsis doesn’t begin to convey how absorbing this is…”
Minneapolis Tribune

“…a stunning story with a real twist…Lindsey writes beyond the usual genre of mystery stories. If the movie-makers don’t buy this one for filming, they are missing a winner. Lindsey has written a story you won’t forget.”
Pensacola News (FL)

“…(Stuart Haydon) is the thinking man’s gumshoe and as interesting a cop as you’ll meet in a novel…a small work of art…destined to sweep the mystery awards, the real winners will be the readers.”
Calgary, Alberta, Can.

“…one of the most terrifying suspense stories in recent years..”
San Antonio Express News

“…Lindsey has produced a sound spine-tingler.”
Atlantic Monthly

“…stands out as a notable achievement, one I will not easily forget.
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“Just when it seems that no writer has come up with anything fresh in a month of Sundays, along comes this astonishing book to restore one’s faith in man’s imagination.
Bernardsville News (NJ)

“…a superior mystery–as different from the stereotyped variety as Houston is from other cities. Haydon is a finely crafted character…a first-rate cast and drum-tight suspense. We will be hearing more from this writer.”
Waterbury Republican (Waterbury, CT)

“…a red hot mystery that may well be one of the most outstanding suspense novels of the year!”
McCormick Messenger, (SC)

“David Lindsey is a master (of the suspense novel).”
The Desert Sun (Palm Springs)

“A Cold Mind earns highest marks.”
Drood Review