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Would You Rather NOT Know?

David Lindsey

by | October 23rd, 2014


Edward Snowden is one of those people who polarize a vast majority of the people. Most people hold strong views about him and what he did. Pro and Con. Today I heard a former CIA operations officer interviewed, and she was asked where she stood on the question of whether Snowden was a patriot or a traitor. She said that she felt it was counterproductive to take sides on that question. Rather, she felt that all citizens should ask themselves another question, and think it over very carefully, taking their answer to their logical conclusion from both points of view: Would you rather not know what Snowden revealed? Would the U.S. be better off if we didn’t know what we now know as a result of Snowden’s revelations?

Here is an interview with Laura Poitras, a film maker who has just released a documentary film about Snowden. The film is called “CitizenFour”, the codename Snowden used when he first contacted her way back in January 2013. It was Poitras who took the story to Glenn Greenwald.

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