U.S. Government Tried to Stop James Risen’s New Book

by | October 14th, 2014

James Risen’s story is a great primer on the constant struggle that faces the freedom of the press, even in democratic America. Sixty Minutes recently focused on his story, and this article is only the latest episode in that ongoing battle. It’s good for all of us to keep in mind that all of our…Read the Rest of Article

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Former NSA Director Personally Invested Thousands in Tech Firms

by | October 11th, 2014

This article in Ars Technica is yet more evidence of the revolving door between powerful figures leaving the NSA (and all the government’s intelligence services) and heading straight to the private sector intelligence industry. Not only do high level figures leave the government service to use their expertise gained there to triple (and far more…Read the Rest of Article

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Who’s Buying Your Senator or Representative?

by | August 12th, 2014

Opensecrets.org is an essential website if you want to keep up with the “inside story” in Congress. It bills itself as “your nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy.” It’s chock full of data, and you can spend a lot of time there, as many investigative journalist and interested voters do. But…Read the Rest of Article

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Privacy is an issue?? And personal data, too??

by | May 23rd, 2012

Well, yeah, they seem to be. Read Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation in today’s New York Times. The issue was that Google’s specially equipped Street View camera cars that are busily photographing all the city streets in the world, were caught scooping up “…e-mails, photographs, passwords, chat messages, postings on Web sites and social…Read the Rest of Article

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No comment…

by | May 12th, 2012

Wired magazine reports that on Friday, May11, the National Security Agency’s decision not to realease to the public documents confirming or denying any relationship it may or may not have with Google concerning cypersecurity and encryption was upheld by a federal appeals court. The Wired article says that former NSA chief Mike McConnell told the…Read the Rest of Article

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Three articles, interrelated……..

by | May 7th, 2012

This past week three articles strike me as memorable. I give links to them here if you’d like to look them up. Get Rich U. : There are no walls between Stanford and Silicon Valley.  This article in the New Yorker is full of fascinating information, but the thing that interested me immediately was toward…Read the Rest of Article

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The Battle for the Internet: a series and two articles

by | April 24th, 2012

The UK newspaper The Guardian has just finished a weeklong series titled The New Cold War: The Battle for the Internet. This is a link to the archived series. The Internet is now ubiquitous and essential for all of us. But the American public’s education about important issues surrounding this indispensible tool have lagged behind our acceptance…Read the Rest of Article

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Human nature

by | February 21st, 2012

Recently I read two articles that address the ever changing/never changing kaleidoscope of human nature. I think both articles are worth sharing. The first article deals with the quirky confusions of the puzzle that is the adolescent mind.  What’s Wrong with the Teenage Mind? , written by Allison Gopnik, professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, appeared…Read the Rest of Article

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A push for privacy…

by | February 1st, 2012

Below is a brief article published today on the Save the Internet website. The complicated issue of maintaining “privacy” (digital and otherwise) for individuals while keeping the Internet “open” to free speech is a complex and vitally important consideration. Congress has really been behind the curve on this issue, and any developments toward correcting that, however belated, are welcome. The following…Read the Rest of Article

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The Sartorialist…Lunch for 25

by | January 31st, 2012

  This is a website to love…The Sartorialist…watch this great video clip (and enjoy the background music): Lunch for 25.  

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