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Complexity creates strange bedfellows

David Lindsey

by | February 24th, 2015


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The ever-expanding uses of digital technology continue to introduce complexity into our lives, even while trying to make life easier and more just. The issues of protecting personal privacy while at the same time assuring that secrecy isn’t abused by those entrusted with it, continues to trouble us. Privacy and sunlight in official affairs has, in recent years, brought together the far left and far right in this country as few issues have ever done before.

Today’s media has produced yet another example of this. As this article in the Daily Beast demonstrates, yet another good idea appears to be more complicated than we initially thought. This article does a good job of introducing that complexity, giving us plenty of food for thought in the process. What seemed at first blush to be a no-brainer, turns out to be a brain-teaser.

Life is many things, but it’s never simple.


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David Lindsey

David L. Lindsey is an American novelist, working primarily in the mystery, thriller, and spy genres. He has published fourteen novels in a writing career spanning 25 years.

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